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Hardware Break/Fix is when we come onsite to your location and resolve a hardware issue such as a computer that will not power on or a printer that has poor print quality.  The issue could be a failed power supply, a bad system board or failed memory on a PC or Laptop.  It could be a broken gear or belt on a printer/copier, possibly a system that fails to load its operating system.  

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Project Services is often referred to as IMAC services. IMAC project work involves Installations, Moves, Adds, Changes.  This type of service is often performed after hours or on weekends to avoid disruption to your day to day business.  

This type of service usually involves removing old IT equipment and installing new IT equipment.  We will follow your project Statement of Work (SOW) to complete all project duties.  We can also provide asset inventory collection data by capturing outgoing and incoming serial numbers and asset tag information.  

We can also provide valuable feedback which may help streamline and improve repeatable project deployments.  Some projects might include working with your remote helpdesk or network teams to reconfigure existing equipment or install new equipment and enable network connection for custom configurations.    

* See pricing table below for rates in your area